Holiday Smith India acknowledges the significance of user privacy and understands the responsibility of safeguarding their information as a reputable data controller and processor.

    This Privacy Policy sets forth the procedures for managing and safeguarding user's Personal Information (as defined below) by HSI and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

    This Privacy Policy applies to all individuals (hereafter referred to as "Users") who use HSI's customer interface channels, such as the website, mobile site, mobile app, call centers, and offices, in order to purchase or inquire about any product(s) or service(s) offered by HSI.

    In this Privacy Policy, the terms "you" and "your" refer to the User, while "we," "us," and "our" refer to HSI. Additionally, "Website" encompasses all website(s), mobile site(s), and mobile app(s).

    Please be aware that this Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites, such as our business partners, advertisers, sponsors, or sites we provide links to. These sites may have information and privacy practices different from our own. We recommend reviewing their privacy statements and policies before interacting with them.

    This Privacy Policy is an essential component of your User Agreement with HSI. Any capitalized terms used in this Privacy Policy will have the same meanings as defined in the User Agreement.


    • Please keep in mind that the data shared with HSI will primarily be processed in India and other relevant jurisdictions where a third party working with HSI may also process the data. By accepting this policy, you are explicitly giving HSI your consent to process your personal information for the specific purpose(s) outlined in this policy. Please note that the data protection laws in India or these other jurisdictions may vary from those of your country of residence.


    • To address any concerns regarding processing your data and withdrawing your consent, please contact us at [email protected] via email.


    • If the processing of data is necessary for us to provide a service to you, we may be unable to serve or confirm your bookings if you withdraw consent. For example, when making a booking for a domestic/international holiday package, we may need to share personal information such as contact details, gender, dietary preferences, choice of smoking room, and any medical conditions that require special attention with our vendors. They may then use this information to make appropriate arrangements for your trip.

    • Should you choose to withdraw your consent for us to process your information, this may result in:


    1. This could greatly hinder our ability to serve you effectively and, as a result, we may have no choice but to decline the booking altogether.


    Unexpected limitations may be placed on us for serving your existing reservation. These restrictions could disrupt your trip or force us to cancel your booking.


    • The details provided below are essential for us to deliver the chosen services and meet our legal and contractual obligations.


    • "User's Personal Information" refers to the data provided by the User and obtained by us for the following objectives:


    1. When signing up or registering on the Website, you will be asked to provide certain information. This may include personal details such as your name, gender, marital status, religion, age, and profile picture. We will also ask for your contact information such as email address, postal address, frequent flyer number, telephone and fax numbers. Additionally, we may request banking details (such as credit/debit cards) and any information related to your income and lifestyle. You may also share payment history and billing information.


    Additional information may also be gathered, such as various documents and data, which may include but is not limited to:


    Your e-commerce activities and buying behavior can be viewed in your transactional history, excluding any banking information.


    1. The login credentials and security-related data associated with your use of our Services.


    1. Data, whether generated by you or a third party, that you desire to save on our servers, such as image files and documents.


    1. Information from various sources, such as public domain or third parties, including social media platforms, may be obtained and included in your account details. This may consist of both personal and non-personal data that is allowed to be collected based on your chosen account settings.


    1. When booking through your registered HSI account for any other travelers, it is necessary to confirm that each person has given their consent for their information to be shared with us and the service provider(s).


    1. By requesting Holiday Smith India's visa-related services, you will need to provide necessary documents such as copies of your passport, bank statements, filled application forms, photographs, and any additional information required by the relevant embassy for your visa application.


    1. When making international bookings, Users must adhere to the guidelines of the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) imposed by RBI or any other relevant laws. This may involve sharing information such as their PAN or passport number with the Service Provider.


    1. If you choose to check in contactless at a hotel, please provide copies of your government ID, such as Aadhar, driving license, or election card. Also include a self-declaration and any additional information requested by the hotel, such as date of birth, travel details, and place of residence, to ensure your reservation is honored.


    1. To utilize any service that requires COVID-19 vaccination information or to access your certificate for future travel or other needs, providing proof of your vaccination status is necessary. Please note that Holiday Smith Indiawill not handle any personal details included in the certificate.


    The information provided by the User will be used solely for the specified and lawful purpose mentioned. The User also acknowledges that Holiday Smith India may share this information with the service provider or a third party to facilitate the booking process. Rest assured, all sensitive and confidential details such as vaccination certificates, passbooks, bank statements, or identity cards submitted for availing a service or offer will be redacted by Holiday Smith India. However, if the User chooses not to provide this information or requests its deletion, it may hinder the booking process. Please note that Holiday Smith India will only share the information mentioned above, including PAN card details, vaccination status, certificate, passport details, or Aadhar card details, with prior consent from the User. The only exception would be if required by law enforcement agencies or court orders during an investigation or legal proceedings.


      The collected Personal Information may be utilized in the following ways:

    • While making a booking:

    • When booking with us, we will utilize your Personal Information, including payment details such as encrypted credit/debit card numbers and expiration dates, banking information, and wallet details. This information is provided by you and stored with your permission. Additionally, the traveler's list associated with your account may also be used for booking purposes. These details will be presented to you during the booking process to facilitate a swift transaction.

    • In addition to the reasons mentioned above, we may also utilize your Personal Information for various purposes including but not limited to:

    Please ensure that you have confirmed your reservations with the appropriate service providers.

    Ensure you are up-to-date on the progress of the transaction.

    Send booking confirmations through either SMS, Whatsapp, or another messaging service.

    Please ensure that any updates or modifications to your booking(s) are sent through.

    Let our customer service reach out to you if needed.

    Personalize the information on our Website, mobile site, and app.

    Call for feedback on items or services or any potential enhancements.

    Please send confirmation messages or emails.

    Please validate/authenticate your account to avoid any potential misuse or abuse.

    We'd love to reach out to you on your special day with a gift or exclusive offer.

    • SURVEYS:

    • At our company, we highly appreciate feedback from our Users and regularly conduct surveys through various methods. Participation in these surveys is voluntary. The collected information is combined and utilized to enhance our Website, other Sales Channels, and services. Additionally, the results of the surveys are used to create exciting content, features, and promotions for our members. Rest assured that survey participants remain anonymous unless stated otherwise.


    • Through marketing initiatives and research, we gain insight into your preferences, create programs, and enhance user experience. Our company frequently hosts promotions for users to have the chance to win exciting travel prizes. For these activities, we may collect contact information and survey responses. These allow us to notify winners and use survey data to develop promotions and improve our products. As a registered user, you will periodically receive updates on fare sales, special offers, and new services, as well as other noteworthy deals on airfare, hotel reservations, vacation packages, car rentals, and other travel services through our marketing programs.
    • Furthermore, anticipate receiving occasional emails containing marketing content, newsletters, and exclusive promotions featuring special offers.
    • Occasionally, we may introduce new or improved services on the Website. If you use these services, we will utilize the Personal Information you provide to assist with the requested service(s). For instance, if you reach out to us via email with an inquiry, we will utilize your name, email address, and the subject of your inquiry to respond. Additionally, we might keep this Personal Information on file to help enhance and simplify the Website for our valued Users.
    • HSI may occasionally introduce reward programs for users to win travel related or other rewards. Your Personal Information may be used to enroll you in these programs, and your program status will be visible when you log in to the Website. If you are selected as a winner, we may share your Personal Information with a third party responsible for fulfilling the reward. However, if you do not wish to participate in these programs, please let us know by contacting us. We may also verify certain customer information, such as credit information, on a selective basis for purposes such as fraud detection and offering bookings on credit. In some cases, Holiday Smith Indiamay share anonymized or aggregated data with a third party engaged to perform tasks on our behalf, such as payment processing or data hosting. This may also include assessing creditworthiness for bookings on credit.


    • HSI will store your Personal Information on its servers for a duration that is deemed necessary for the outlined purposes in this policy. In certain situations, there may be a need to keep your Personal Information for extended periods, such as instances where it is mandated by legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting obligations.

    • Once your personal data is no longer needed, we will take appropriate measures to either securely delete it or store it in a manner that prevents its use by the business.



    • HSI utilizes cookies to tailor your browsing experience on our website and the advertisements you see. This practice is common among reputable online companies.


    • Cookies are little bits of data that your browser saves on your device's hard drive. They improve our service to you by making it more efficient. Additionally, they enable convenient access by automatically logging you in with just your password rather than having to enter your login name each time. We may also utilize cookies to show you ads while you're on our website or send you offers via email (unless you've chosen not to receive such emails) that center around destinations that may interest you.


    • In addition to us, our advertising servers or third party advertising companies may also place cookies. These cookies are utilized for tracking the success of advertisements displayed by us on any website and gather overall statistics about your visits to the website. This allows us to provide ads on the website or other sites that may align with your potential interests. The third party ad providers may also use advanced technology to measure advertisement effectiveness. All data collected is anonymous and obtained through the industry standard practice of a pixel tag, commonly used by major websites. They may utilize this anonymous data from your Website visits to display advertisements for products and services that may be of interest to you. No Personal Information is obtained in this process, meaning no online actions can be linked to a specific user.


    • Web browsers typically accept cookies by default. However, you have the ability to adjust your browser settings or utilize specific software to manage cookie acceptance. At HSI, we understand and support your desire to limit unwanted internet activity, particularly from unreliable websites. Keep in mind that disabling HSI cookies may impact certain features on our website and potentially disrupt your seamless access to purchasing or utilizing available services. It is worth noting that you have the option to block cookies from specific websites while allowing them from trusted sites.

      Automatic Logging of Session Data:

    Each time you visit the Website, your session data is recorded. This includes information such as your IP address, operating system, browser type, and your activities on the Website. We collect this data to analyze user behavior, including frequency and duration of visits, diagnose any server issues, and manage our systems more efficiently. While this information cannot personally identify you, it may reveal details such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and approximate location.


    1. Providers and suppliers of services:


    • Your information will be shared with the service providers involved in fulfilling your booking, such as airlines, hotels, buses, cabs, and railways. By booking with HSI, you authorize us to share your information with these providers. Please be aware that HSI does not allow the service providers to use your information for anything other than fulfilling their services. However, we have no control over how the service providers use your information as they are independent data controllers. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for their actions. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of the specific service provider or supplier whose services you select.


    • At HSI, we prioritize protecting our customers' privacy. This means that we do not sell or rent out individual names or Personal Information to any third parties. However, in order to provide the best services and benefits possible, we may share this information with our trusted business partners and vendors who assist us with referral services and promotional offers based on our customers' booking history. Rest assured, your personal information remains safe with us.


    These are the companies that belong to the same group:


    • To enhance individualized experiences and streamline our services, your personal information may be shared securely with our affiliate or associate entities. This allows us to offer you details on a range of leisure and travel products and services that may pique your interest, as well as assist with any inquiries or requests regarding your bookings.


    • If HSI's assets are purchased, our customer information may also be transferred to the buyer, depending on the type of acquisition. Furthermore, if we choose to sell, transfer, or assign any part of our business, subsidiaries, or business units for expansion or other reasons, customer information, including Personal Information collected here, will be transferred accordingly.


    Business associates and external vendors:


    • We may also share filtered Personal Information with our corporate affiliates or business partners who can reach out to customers offering various products or services, such as free or paid options. These offerings aim to enhance the customer's travel experience and provide exclusive benefits for HSI customers. Our partners include entities that offer co-branded credit cards, travel insurance, protection against loss of wallet, and banking cards, among others. If you decide to take advantage of any services provided by our business partners, their privacy policy will govern the use of such services.


    • HSI may disclose your Personal Information to third parties that it has engaged for specific duties, such as payment processing, data hosting, and data processing platforms.


    • We utilize non-identifiable Personal Information in both aggregate and anonymized forms to enhance the quality and usefulness of our online services. This involves conducting statistical analysis on the collective characteristics and behaviors of our customers and visitors, as well as measuring demographics and interests related to specific areas of the Website. In some cases, we may share anonymous statistical data with suppliers, advertisers, affiliates, and other business partners. This information may also be used to inform these third parties about the number of people who have clicked on links to their websites. Please note that any aggregate Personal Information collected by us is solely our property, and we reserve the right to use it for legitimate purposes without compensating you.


    • At times, HSI may enlist the help of a third party for market research and surveys. In these cases, we may share relevant information (such as aggregate cookies and tracking data) with these parties solely to complete the designated projects. Rest assured that confidentiality agreements safeguard any information provided and will be used by applicable regulations.


    • HSI offers several ways for users to share their experiences, including reviews, ratings, and general poll questions. Additionally, customers can ask questions about an HSI service or provide answers to others' inquiries. From time to time, HSI may enlist the help of a third party to gather feedback on your recent booking experience. While optional, you may still receive emails or notifications (via app, SMS, WhatsApp, or other messaging services) inviting you to share your review(s), respond to questions from other users, or even submit a video review. Please note that these reviews may also appear on other travel-related platforms.


    • Each User who shares their opinion through reviews, ratings, Q&A, or photographs will have a profile accessible to other Users. This profile may also display the number of trips taken, written reviews, questions asked and answered, and posted photographs for others to view.


    Periodically, you will receive updates via email from us regarding fare sales in your region, exclusive offers, new HSI services, and other noteworthy topics. We trust you will find these updates captivating and enlightening. If you prefer not to receive them, kindly utilize the "unsubscribe" link or refer to the instructions provided in each message.


    • A list of necessary permissions will appear upon installing the HSI app on your phone or tablet. Please note that these permissions cannot be customized. The app requires specific access and use of data, as outlined below:


    1. Android permissions:


    We require your device permission to gather data about your device, such as the name of your operating system, its version, mobile network, hardware model, unique identifier, and preferred language. With this information, we aim to enhance your travel booking process by utilizing the specific capabilities of your operating system and incorporating components from its OS.


    1. By granting this permission, you allow us to access your account information on your mobile device. This data automatically fills in your email addresses and creates a hassle-free in-funnel experience for you. It enables us to associate specific email addresses with individual users, giving you access to exclusive travel deals and wallet cash-backs. Additionally, it allows easy login through Facebook and Google+.


    1. This permission lets us enhance your experience by offering location-specific deals and tailoring your in-app journey. Upon launching the Holiday Smith India app for a travel booking, we automatically determine your nearest airport or city based on your current location. This permission is also necessary to suggest nearby hotels in case of last-minute bookings due to a delay. Your options will be customized based on your specific location. In the case of international travel, this enables us to recognize your time zone and provide appropriate information.


    1. By granting us access to your SMS, we can autofill the 'OTP' (one-time password) for transactions and confirm your mobile number. This ensures a smooth booking process without leaving the app to retrieve and enter the SMS code. Additionally, SMS displays future PNR status updates for your convenience.


    1. The app needs permission to access your phone for you to conveniently call hotels, airlines, and our customer contact centers within the app.


    1. You open up a world of social features by granting us access to your contacts. These include sharing your travel plans with friends, inviting them to download our app, and sending referral links to earn rewards. Additionally, we may utilize this data to suggest hotels that your friends have previously visited. Please note that this information will be securely stored on our servers and synced from your device.


    1. The app's libraries require specific permissions for photo, media, and file access. This enables map data storage on your phone's external storage, such as SD cards. Storing the map data locally eliminates the need for repeated downloads when using the app, resulting in a seamless hotel selection experience even with a low bandwidth network.


    1. By granting us access to detect your Wi-Fi connection, we can enhance your overall experience. This means providing more detailed maps, quicker image loading, and a wider selection of hotel, flight, and package options.


    1. Permission for Device ID and Call information lets us detect your unique Android ID, enabling us to quickly identify you as a user. Additionally, we can access your contact details to fill in specific fields automatically for a smooth booking process.


    1. We can add your travel plans to your calendar by granting this permission.


    1. With this permission, you can utilize your camera within the app for multiple purposes. You can capture a new profile picture, upload images for sharing hotel reviews, and record videos to post as video reviews. Additionally, this permission allows you to scan QR codes for convenient UPI payments.


    1. With this permission, you can easily upload videos and submit video reviews of your hotel or property stays on our application. This allows for a more diverse method of sharing your experience with our platform. Additionally, the audio permission ensures that any uploaded video has high-quality sound in the background.


    1. We require authorization to access your phone number to ensure a smooth login process, improve your travel booking experience, and allow you to utilize UPI services. This is also necessary in certain situations to prevent fraudulent activity on our application.


    1. The IMEI/IMSI permission allows us to identify users and prevent fraudulent activity on our application uniquely.


    1. Your subscription information allows us to offer you a seamless experience tailored to your network and optimize the performance of our application. It also enables offline access to train status updates and ensures you can stay informed even in areas without network coverage.


    1. This authorization allows us to access your SIM serial number to verify your mobile number during UPI registration. This ensures that the mobile number entered is registered on the device being used for UPI registration.


    1. By granting us Bluetooth permission, we can offer you access to features from third-party providers on our app. This permission applies specifically to the services you book through our app, allowing you to effortlessly lock and unlock your self-driven vehicles with the help of our trusted third party service providers.


    1. IOS Permissions:


    Opting in for notifications lets us send exclusive deals, promotional offers, and travel updates directly to your device. However, if you choose not to receive these notifications, we will still send essential updates such as PNR status, booking confirmation, and refunds (in case of cancellation) through SMS.


    1. By agreeing to allow contacts access, you will unlock a range of social features, including the ability to share your travel plans with friends, invite them to use our app, and send referral links. Additionally, we can use this information to suggest hotels your friends have previously stayed at. Any data gathered will be securely stored on our servers and synced from your device.


    1. With this permission, you can enjoy location-specific deals and tailor-made in-app experiences. Once you open our app to book a trip, your location will be automatically detected, allowing us to pre-fill the nearest airport or city for your convenience. This is necessary for suggesting nearby hotels if you must make a last-minute booking due to a delayed arrival. Your choices will be personalized based on your current location. For international trips, this allows us to determine your time zone and provide relevant information accordingly.


    1. To click, review, and upload your profile photo, we require access to your camera. Alternatively, we will need access to your photo library if you wish to use an existing photograph as your profile picture.


    Our Website ensures secure payments by utilizing TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for all Personal Information. This reliable coding system automatically encrypts your data before transmitting it to us. Our Website also implements robust security measures to prevent any loss, misuse, or alteration of the information we collect. Additionally, we offer a secure server for changing or accessing account information. Rest assured that strict security guidelines are followed to safeguard your information against unauthorized access once it is in our possession.



    If you wish to withdraw your consent for submitting Personal Information or decline any permissions on our Website, please be aware that this may result in limited access to the Website or disruption of our services. To withdraw your consent, send an email to [email protected] at any time.



    To interact directly with HSI and allow us to process your data, you must be at least 18 years old.



    We retain the authority to periodically update the Privacy Policy to legal, business, and customer needs. Appropriate notification will be provided to users as needed.


    Please submit any concerns about this Privacy Policy by emailing us at [email protected]. We will make every effort to address all reasonable concerns and inquiries promptly.