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Thailand Details

Busiess Visa
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Thailand Details

Eligibility & Documents Required

  • You must be a citizen/permanent resident of India
  • You must have a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of entry into Thailand
  • You must have a confirmed return ticket
  • You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Thailand
  • You must not have a criminal record or be on any government watchlist

Documents Required:

  • Valid passport with minimum 6 months validity from the date of travel.
  • Thailand Tourist Visa.
  • Confirmed round-trip air tickets.
  • Confirmed hotel bookings or accommodation details.
  • Currency exchange and travel insurance.
  • Carry photocopies of important documents such as passport, visa, and ID proof.
  • Pack according to the weather and activities planned.
  • Choose the visa type and duration

  • Fill in the visa application form

  • Make payment online

  • Receive your visa via email

Thailand Visa FAQs:

  • How many days/weeks does it take to get a Thailand visa?

    The processing time for a Thailand visa can vary depending on the type of visa and the visa processing centre. Generally, processing a Thailand tourist visa takes around 5-7 working days.

  • What is the maximum duration of stay in Thailand with a tourist visa?

    The maximum duration of stay in Thailand with a tourist visa is 60 days.

  • Is it mandatory to take a travel insurance policy for my trip to Thailand?

    While it is not mandatory, taking a travel insurance policy for your trip to Thailand is highly recommended. This will help cover unexpected expenses such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, loss of baggage, and others.

  • Can I extend my Thailand visa?

    Yes, you can extend your Thailand visa at the nearest Immigration Office in Thailand. However, it is recommended to apply for an extension before your visa expires.

  • What is the validity of a Thailand visa?

    The validity of a Thailand tourist visa is 3 months from the issue date. You must enter Thailand within 3 months of the visa issue date.

  • What are the documents required for a Thailand visa?

    The documents required for a Thailand tourist visa include a valid passport, visa application form, two passport-sized photographs, confirmed return ticket, hotel reservation details, bank statement for the last six months, income tax returns for the last three years, and employment certificate or business proof.

Travel Checklist

Before you travel to Dubai, you must have all the necessary documents and information. Here is a checklist to ensure you have everything you need:

Valid passport with minimum
six months validity

Dubai visa

Confirmed return air tickets

Hotel booking confirmation

Sufficient funds for your stay in Dubai

Travel insurance (optional)

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